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Where quality not quantity is our first priority. We are a small breeder located in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Our Cane Corso are bred from the finest Italian lines. We strive to exceed not only in looks but temperament and keeping our dogs within the true Italian standard instilling natural athletics in all our dogs. The Corso is a strong powerfully built dog, with thick substance of bone. They have an easy gait with free flowing movement which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Cane Corso was developed by the Italic people during the time of the Roman Empire, as a light auxiliary shock troop. Many statues and historical art documents throughout the time of the Romans reflect the Corso through the ages. There have even been poems written about these magnificent dogs as well as other pros. The Corso has had many jobs throughout the ages they were used for farming, hunting boar and bear, but most notably they were used as guardians of the home or estate since their early beginnings. The etymology of the name, "Corso" is not quite clear. However some scholars tie the word into the Greek word, KORTOS, which means, wall, loosely translated and from the Latin word, COHORS, which means, guard of the courtyard. I then translate that into what I would call the, courtyard body guard.


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